Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No. 1 Train

Southbound #1 subway train leaving the 125th Street & Broadway station in Harlem. The train comes up for air at this one station, then quickly heads back underground. According to the folks at NYC Subway.org, "Broadway at this point is in a deep valley and the transit designers had a choice of a viaduct or deep tunnel with steep grades at either end. They chose a viaduct to allow the subway to remain relatively level."


  1. I like that shot. What's the tall building on the right side of the picture?

  2. Looking at Google Maps at where that building should be relative to where I was standing (about 4-5 blocks to the south and slightly to the west), the tall building looks like it is part of the Union Theological Seminary complex, at Claremont Avenue & 120th Street. http://www.utsnyc.edu/