Monday, September 1, 2014

Catching Up... Snow - Snow - Snow

I know it's crazy to be posting photos of snow and ice in September - but I've got some catching up to do, starting with photos of some of the 57.4" of snow that NYC got this past winter. I think this was the 5th highest snow total for NYC over the past 145 years!

Snow - Branches - Ginkgo  
Lower East Side, Manhattan.  2014-Feb-3
[NEX6 2767 acr(R)CS6]

Ice - Branches - Ginkgo
Lower East Side, Manhattan. 2014-Feb-4
[NEX6 2840 acr(R)PScc]

Snowy Branches
Lower East Side, Manhattan. 2014-Feb-3
[NEX6 2742 acr(R)CS6]

 Samuel Dickstein Place
Lower East Side, Manhattan.  2014-Feb-4
[NEX-2833_4_5 acr(R)PScc Tonemapped HDR]

 Togo - at Seward Park
Togo seems right at home in the snow at Seward Park. The real Togo was was a sled dog who led a team pulling medication across snowy Alaska to fight a diphtheria outbreak in the early 1900s. The sculpture was designed by Shelly Smith Curtiss.
Lower East Side, Manhattan. 2014-Feb-8
[NEX6-2940_1_2  acr(J)PScc Tonemapped HDR]

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