Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kozy Korner at Night

This is the corner that most Lower East Siders know as Cozy Corner - where Grand, Madison and Lewis Streets meet up. Lower East Side, Manhattan

I'm testing Canon's new G15 camera, which I hope will complement my G1X in those situations where I need a faster lens and faster focus. I do a lot of shooting from moving taxis/car service and buses. I find, in too many cases, where the G1X auto-focus is too slow to grab a shot before the car or bus moves on. Also, while the G1X has superb image quality in low light, it's slow lens often requires a slow shutter speed. Between my aging/shaking hands and my aversion to carrying a tripod, this often results in wonderfully exposed but blurred photos. I'm hoping the G15 will fill in the gap in these situations

Last year I switched from using a T3i dSLR to the G1X because back problems made it painful and difficult for me to carry around the dSLR and lenses (which is also why I don't carry a tripod). I absolutely LOVE the results I've been getting with the G1X most cases. The addition of the G15 should help with the rest.

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