Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Montgomery Street - LES

As part of my conversion from Windows to Mac I'm switching to a different cloud backup strategy for my JPGs (still haven't decided how or where to backup my raw files - a much larger and more expensive issue to deal with). And I'm finally getting around to sorting about 20,000 photos that have been sitting on memory cards. I just started to move my JPGs to a new online site (about 4,000 so far in the past 2 days). This whole process has given me an opportunity to see photos that I passed over when I originally snapped them, either because I wasn't initially happy with them or because I was just too overwhelmed by the number of photos snapped at the time or because I just forgot about them.

This is a photo from two years ago taken from a friend's apartment looking out over Montgomery Street, which runs only about 4 blocks from East Broadway to FDR Drive in the Corlears Hook section of the Lower East Side, Manhattan.

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