Monday, November 26, 2012

FDNY - 42nd Street

FDNY response at 42nd Street near the Grand Hyatt Hotel / Grand Central Station. I don't know what, if anything, was burning and didn't smell smoke. But there was a lot of water being cleaned up inside Grand Central Station's Lexington Passage, presumably from the fire hoses.

Meanwhile, I solved the mystery of what I thought was a vision/medication interaction that I even consulted with my eye doctor about. While my vision has deteriorated slightly since last year, I'm relieved to know that it was a stupid resolution error! Since late August/early September I've been uploading photos here that are smaller than I'm displaying them. I couldn't understand why sometimes I would look at the same photo and it looked sharp and other times it appeared slightly blurred. I never made the connection that all of the blurred occurences were here on this blog while the sharper ones were elsewhere. I really thought my vision was going bad. Ha! I've gone back and re-uploaded all of the photos with higher res versions

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